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Harmony (Coming Soon)

Public Art & Laser Cutting

The Magic Shop

Book Cover & Layout Design


Magazine Layout Design (Inside Pages)

There's Less to Portraits Than Meets the Eye and More

See Beyond Limits

3-Word Manifesto Poster

We Link

Marketing Campaign

Fish (Vol.2)

A Handmade Book

Hey! Emotions

Board Game & Grad Project

Type Only

Book Cover & Layout Design

Global Warming 1.5°c

A Hybrid Ephemera 

Business Card Design

Wordmark Design

Fish (Vol.1)

A Handmade Book

Stings for the Shopping TV Channel

Target Audience: Aliens

Vancouver Fashion Week

IG Posts & Video Editing

The Rememberer

Book Cover Design

Dragon Boat Festival


Design for Achondroplasia

Pictogram Design

Care for The Environment

Poster Design for Plastic Recycling