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Jasmine’s grad project has mainly focused on the autistic group over six years old, and also covers average children who are in need of learning emotional awareness and social skills.

The motivation that inspired her to create this design came from the opportunities she had contact with people with autism, which made her realize that the resources for autistic children are always relatively scarce compared with average children. On the one hand, she aspires that her design can contribute to enriching their limited entertainment and educational resources, and they can benefit from it.

On the other hand, she hopes this can attract more people's attention to autistic groups. Although there is still a long way to go for designers to provide more complete and comprehensive designs to help disadvantaged groups of children in society, she believes that people's attention and willingness to help them should be encouraged.

GRAD SHOW (33)-03.jpg
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GRAD SHOW (99)-09.jpg
GRAD SHOW (11)-11.jpg
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